Tukatari (Moon)


Tukatari Characteristics

Class Iron Core/Silicate
Mean Orbital Distance 507.3 Mm
Eccentricity TBD
Inclination TBDº
Orbital Period 8.908 sdays
Rotation 8 sdays, 21 shours, 48 smins
Mean Diameter 8,344 km
Surface Gravity 0.559 gE
Mass 0.2568 mE
Density 5.046 g/cm3
Tilt 6.997º
Surface Atmospheric Pressure 603 mbars (not respirable)
Average Surface Temp 5.7 ºC
Hydrographic Coverage 29.11%

General Information

Tukatari is an unreformed world that is the primary satellite (or more properly, the minor partner) of Menentabe. It was initially neglected in favor of the more inviting major world. Initial settlement at Abdju occurred in the wake of the Kraken War of 35–155 (see Menentabe). The selection of Menentabe system to host the 61st Urban Defense Fleet in 199 encouraged further expansion.

The overall population of Tukatari is currently 17.240 million (94.4% human and clone, 2.2% thall, 3.4% other). Today the largest settlement, Prime Base (population 5.022 million, founded 213, class F spaceport), hosts the 930th Marine Division; and the second largest settlement, Ramaset (population 4.42 million, founded 371, class F spaceport), supports starship construction in the orbital Tukatari-Severn Yards. Other major population centers include Abdju (population 2.38 million, founded 117), and the orbital Unity Station (population 966 thousand, founded 809).

Industry on Tukatari (and in the associated Hub, Highport and Unity stations) largely supports the heavy manufacturing in support of the construction and maintenance of civilian and military starships, systems, and components, though it’s also a center for corporate finance and operations, UDF military operations, and Protocol Enforcement administrative and investigative offices. They also do some isotopic synthesis.

Most inhabitants of Tukatari have never left the sealed and gravity-normalized environment of the major arcologies and factories, and instead of visiting the outback of their own world, they take occasional vacations “Wetside” — meaning to the mainworld of Menentabe.


Tukatari is an unreformed Series IA world, the lifeforms of which depend upon arsenatonucleic acids and dextrorotatory amino acids. Indigenous plants depend upon a blue-green cyanophyll. Its atmospheric composition is 81.1% N2, 17.9% O2, 1.0% Ar. With its average surface atmospheric pressure of only 603 mbars, it has insufficient oxygen for respiration without breathers.

Indigenous animals include a variety of insectoids and quasi-arthropods, the largest of which approach a meter in length. All are inedible, and indeed poisonous, to humans. The largest quasi-arthropods, such as the 60 cm-long king scorpion, are potentially dangerous to humans. However, high oxygen partial pressures are toxic to many these creatures, and they generally avoid atmospherically normalized structures. Tukatari lacks deep structural basins, and most surface water forms networks of lakes over shallow sedimentary fields locally called mares, which harbor most of the biomass of the planet. The highlands consist largely of rocky deserts, badlands, and mountains.

The surface of Tukatari is fairly cold and arid with an average temperature of about 5.7 ºC. It has an atmosphere that’s free of poisonous gasses and high enough in pressure to be outside without a P-suit. However, the partial pressure of O2 is too low to be respirable. Buildings and vehicles are all heated and have oxygen-enriched atmospheres, though the pressures are kept low to avoid pressurization and depressurization procedures when moving from indoors to outdoors. Outdoor attire usually includes a parka, gloves, boots and an osmosis or gravistatic breather. There is water-ice and snow on the ground (and coming down from the sky!) for much of the year except in the equatorial regions.


Tukatari is tectonically active and possesses nine major plates. After a major quake devastated Prime Base in 304, a series of geological stabilization stations were installed to relieve tectonic stress.

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