The Caretaker

In 920, a team of Protocol Enforcement agents discovered a Precursor artifact known as The Caretaker, so-called because it had in its care a dozen 30,000 year old Thalls in stasis. They were intended by The Precursors to be released on Quorum once the reformation of that world was complete, but the project was abandoned and the Thalls were never released.

Prior to establishing communications, The Caretaker defended itself by calling down a ship from the asteroid belt containing several Tenebrae. It was able to communicate with these creatures, and explained them to also be artificial lifeforms created by The Precursors.

The Caretaker is a large black ball with a hull that proved impervious to a miner that attempted to breach it prior to the Protocol Enforcement team making contact with it.

The artifact was returned to Protocol Enforcement labs on Menentabe where it was examined by the Protocol Enforcement Bureau of Sciences under close supervision by the UDF Sciences Division. It was found to be basically a synthetic intelligence akin to a Drone with lots of other equipment built in, including twelve stasis pods. However, Its memory was damaged by the passage of 30,000 years and it was unable to give the researchers much information on The Precursors that wasn’t already known. Finally, BuSci declared they were done with it and allowed it to be taken by the team that originally found it on a search for a home for the twelve Thalls in its care. They were taken to Turbulence where the team is investigating the possibility of releasing them into a Neoprimitive preserve there.

The Caretaker is able to teleport a humanoid who touches its hull inside of the sphere. Only the humanoid is transported inside, leaving all clothing and belongings outside (with the exception of one of the Protocol Enforcement agent’s Cyberfaces which was taken inside with him, intact and functional). The science behind this is beyond anything known to BuSci or even the UDF, but The Caretaker was unable to shed any light on the physics behind how it worked. This was not its function; it only knows about Thalls and only cares about its mission of releasing them to populate a new world.

While on Menentabe, two of the Thall Protocol Enforcement team members that found it were taken inside and gifted with Organic Cyberfaces which only work on Thalls. These do not have electronics nor do they require power sources, but function in many ways like a conventional Cyberface. See entry regarding Organic Cyberfaces.

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The Caretaker

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