Protocol Enforcement


Protocol Enforcement (a.k.a. PE)

The Common Economic Protocol created a quasicorporate entity called Protocol Enforcement. PE is the ultimate source of interstellar and intercorporate law and code enforcement, monetary policy, credit ratings, and banking system regulation. They also support several less well-known functions, including a diplomatic corps and scout service. They also work closely with the Urban Defense Forces (UDF) on defense and security issues via agents known as Interface Officers who have ranks in both organizations.

Protocol Enforcement has many offices and bureaus that handle specific aspects of PE’s portfolio of responsibilities. One particularly famous example is the Office of Extraordinary Affairs (EA) that handles toxic situations nobody else wishes to touch. Some say EA is a thinly veiled office of dirty tricks employing freelancers and independents, playing fast and loose with regulations, and having questionable dealings with characters of ill repute. They handle everything from corruption within the Urban Worlds to xeno-infiltrators from the Ulterior.

Protocol Enforcement is controlled by a Board of Directors comprised of 128 representatives from the largest megacorporations doing business among the Urban Worlds. They are led by a Chairman of the Board who represents the largest megacorporation, which has always been Beleran Heavy Industries. The current Chairman is Umberto Belconte. PE and the UDF are financed by a variety of fees and surcharges, by interest on long-term loans, and by settlements levied against corporate violators of the CEP. The paranoid consider the Board of Directors agents of the “unseen masters” who control society for their own selfish benefit, a claim that is perhaps not totally devoid of merit.

Protocol Enforcement theoretically has the power to expel corporations from the CEP; but they seldom, if ever, do. Usually the imposition of a heavy fine or a confiscatory order suffices to bring an offending corporation back into line. Failing this, Protocol Enforcement will call in the UDF, who regard such disobedience as a threat to be neutralized. A couple of strike carriers loaded with marines soon arrive to restore law and order. It’s a rare corporation that refuses to cooperate a second time.

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Protocol Enforcement

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