Menentabe System

Menentabe System Schematic


The Menentabe System contains six planets. Orbital distances from the sun are not to scale, but are approximately to a logarithmic scale. Planet sizes are not to relative scale either, though the relative sizes are in the correct size sequence.

Menentabe System Description

The Menentabe System is located at stellar coordinates (-26.059,-8.317,3.138), 27.533 parsecs from Eden near the terminus of the Jonas Reach. The system encircles Ekarkhaton, a class K6-V star with no companions. It was initially reached by fleet elements pursuing renegades based at Dark Harbor in –13. The selection of Menentabe to host the 61st Urban Defense Fleet in 199 encouraged further development, much of which took place on Menentabe’s arid satellite Tukatari.

Today, the planet of Menentabe has become something of a backwater, home to only about one percent of the system’s population. It is now primarily a tourist destination famous for its cruises, beach resorts, and biosculpt clinics. Workers on Hub and Highport, as well as military personnel from Tukatari and the distant orbital yards circling the gas giant Neferkari, expect to receive at least once-yearly vacations “wetside.”

The primary industries in the Menentabe System include civilian and military starship construction, systems, components and maintainence; pelagic farming, corporate finance and operations, UDF military operations and tourism.


System-wide pupulation is about 53.304 million (92.9% human and clone, 4.0% thall, 3.1% other). Major population centers include:

Menentabe System Shipping

The Menentabe System is served by the Mass Conveyor System of interstellar gates. It connects to the Akka Mekadelite System within the Jericho Sector and upwards into the Naqual Sector (Sector 246). Menentabe System is not a major producer of goods, but is a major consumer, and receives goods via the Mass Conveyor System.

Menentabe System Planet Characteristics

Planet Class Mean
Mean Dia Gravity
Menentabe Iron Core/Silicate
Water World
0.222 0.0251 2.402º 51.2 12,534 0.979
Semakhet Iron Core/Silicate 1.763 0.0280 0.603º 1146.5 14,882 1.456
Neferkari Gas Giant 4.873 0.0112 0.549º 5268.4 86,655 1.925
Dardymose Gas Giant 8.410 0.0079 1.236º 11944.8 120,585 2.147
Nynraneb Ice Giant 13.928 0.0074 0.624º 25457.6 40,811 0.860
Nebalhotep Silicate Core/Ice 24.78 0.0168 3.947º 60413.9 18,274 0.357
General note: The various worlds of this system were all named for rulers of the pre-Incorporation kingdom of Khem on Eden. Perhaps because of this association, the human inhabitants favor dark skin tones and frequently choose Khemite names.

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Menentabe System

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