Eden (Planet)



Eden is known as the homeworld of Humans. Before The Apocalypse, most of its surface consisted of sun-blasted desert and its atmosphere stank of sulfur. Most of the plants and animals were deadly poisonous. It was populated by Humans, though most believe they did not evolve here. Most historians and biologists agree that Humans were “seeded” here by the Precursors sometime in the dim past. As evidence, Human populations have been found on at least eleven other worlds that have no obvious connection with Eden.

Whatever The Apocalypse was precisely is not known. But it destroyed all Human life on Eden and most of the rest, leaving no witnesses as to what happened. Although Reference System remains the astrographic center of known space, no colony has ever been established on what remains of Eden.

Eden is located in the Reference System, in the Reference Sector (Sector 555). All systems within about 18 parsecs of this system are said to be in the Urban Sphere. Systems beyond this are said to be in The Periphery.


For the history of Eden, see The Dawn, The Exodus, The Vor Wars, and The Dominate Phase and The Apocalypse.

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