Jillian Knebel

// Personnel Record C/N 54DC-C263-EEF2-5B62
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Name: Jillian Knebel
Aliases: None known
Appearance: Height 177 cm, weight 62 kg, straight black hair, brown eyes.
Personal: Female human, C/N 54DC-C263-EEF2-5B62. Daughter of Marcia Knebel, C/N AF63-1FC1-5537-8963. Born Mercer Clinic, Green 6/3921 on Hub around Menentabe, C22/51-0974 016-900. No descendants.
Education: Graduated Charliss office academy, 918. General administrative proficiency license
*Charliss is on Hub, Her mother also works for Ramaset Heavy Fab, she must be well-placed. She put daughter thru school. Cassie got transcript, she did well there. Admin score about 2. Also had some biosculpting. 28 actual years of age, interest in dancing, music, fashion.
Employment: Ramaset Heavy Fabrication Facility Central Administration, 346/918-present.
Legal: None
Residence: C03/296-2926 in Ramaset on Tukatari.
Notes: Witnesses have identified Jillian Knebel as “girlfriend” of Nathan Khouri. [GK]
Holocube depicting Jillian Knebel found among Nathan Khouri’s personal effects. [GK]

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Jillian Knebel

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