Goliath Xenotech



Financial and employee numbers are from last calendar year
Corporate Entity Goliath Xenotech (GX)
Headquarters Ixion
Chief Executive Officer Obadiah Kundret
Corporation Type CEP Class 3 Megacorporation
Ranking among CEP Corps TBD
Annualized Revenues 3.61 TCr
Revenue per Capita TBD KCr
Number of Employees 41.6 Million
Profit from Operations TBD GCr
Gross Profit Margin TBD%


Originally founded in 19 on Vantage, GX has long specialized in xenoarcheological exploration and recovery. Their corporate headquarters followed the primary axis of exploration coreward, first moving to Jericho in 187, and then onwards to Ixion in 324. Today GX makes most of its profits from Ulterior trade. It has a rather shady reputation, in part because of the nature of its Ulterior trading partners, who include the Bourille and the Szho.

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Goliath Xenotech

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