Aspis Project

In the early 700’s, the Aspis Project was created by a consortium of interested Megacorporations and the UDF’s Corps of Engineers, which constructed orbital radiation shielding arrays around key worlds in the Daimon Cluster in advance of the anticipated detonation of the supergiant DC-3304A in the Hag’s Eye nebula.

The project consisted two pieces: firstly, a set of jump-capable watchdog probes that maintained surveillance on DC-3304A and were ready to jump out to nearby systems to warn of the sun’s detonation. Secondly, a set of orbital shields were constructed that could interpose themselves between the deadly radiation pulse and the planets in harm’s way. The shields are jump-capable and can be re-deployed to planets further out from the radiation wave once the initial wave has passed.

As of 920 (today), DC-3304A has not yet supernova’ed

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Aspis Project

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