Universal Foods

Universal Foods (Megacorporation)



Financial and employee numbers are from last calendar year
Corporate Entity Universal Foods (UFD)
Headquarters Tambur
Chief Executive Officer TBD
Corporation Type CEP Class 1 Megacorporation
Ranking among CEP Corps #4
Annualized Revenues 2922 TCr
Revenue per Capita 51.17 KCr
Number of Employees 57.1 Billion
Profit from Operations 1287 TCr
Gross Profit Margin 44.0%


Universal Foods is the largest agribine in known space and the fourth largest corporation with annual revenues of 2922 TCr and 57.1 billion employees. They own twenty agriworlds outright and operate on at least fifty more, producing everything from fiberplastic to edenfruit. They’re the largest makers of prepackaged foods and the second-largest maker of autochef supplements. They’re noted for high employee morale and consistent profitability.

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Universal Foods

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