Urban Defense Forces (a.k.a. UDF)

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The Common Defense Treaty signed at the Third Beleran Conference created an independent military organization called the Urban Defense Forces. Placed under the command of Admiral Saranya Leminyoff, the UDF is sworn to defend the Urban Worlds from all military threats interior and ulterior, and to uphold the rule of law as defined by the CEP. They are also called upon to use their vast military might to combat non-military threats including large objects on collision courses with population centers and destructive natural phenomena such as supernovas, particularly when the use of restricted technology is required to combat these threats. The remnants of the Consolidation 12th fleet formed the fledgling UDF Navy. Admiral Leminyoff’s, General Order Number Three created the UDF Marines.

The Common Defense Treaty grants the UDF total independence from all other organizations, but every member of the UDF personally swears an oath to defend the Urban Worlds and to uphold the rule of law embodied in the CEP. After the death of Admiral Leminyoff in 17, authority over the UDF passed to the High Command. This body consists of four admirals, four generals, and one member of the Board of Directors of Protocol Enforcement. Although a simple majority of the High Command can implement any order, it is a long-standing tradition of this body that all orders be unanimous; and because of this tradition, Protocol Enforcement’s lone representative holds de-facto veto power over the UDF.

While the concentration of power within the ranks of the UDF troubles some observers, history shows that they have always been where they were needed, they have been absent where they were not needed, and they have never attempted to use military might for political gains. The UDF prides itself on its code of honor. Their actions have earned them the trust and respect of both the civilian population and the corporations.

The Common Defense Treaty obligates the UDF to defend only those worlds within the Urban Sphere. With the expansion of the Conglomerate into the Periphery, they have somewhat grudgingly accepted an expanded role as protectors of the entire Conglomerate. In practice, the UDF works closely with Protocol Enforcement and the two present a nearly seamless front to the corporations and citizens of the Conglomerate.

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