Timothy Pinkston

// Personnel Record C/N 1C75-AE52-9CB7-31DA
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Name: Timothy Mortimer Pinkston
Aliases: Pinky
Appearance: Height 184 cm, Weight 69 kg, pale skin, blonde hair, gray eyes.
Personal: Male clone (Geneset F447-B443), C/N 1C75-AE52-9CB7-31DA.
Born Genesys Macrosystems Labs, Regius 876T00/1-0 , Malabar on Jericho 217/878.
Died 264/920 (See Investigation).
Employment: (No information included)
Legal: 135-537-910: Frivolous lawsuit, fined Cr1 and expenses.
161-460-914: Prohibited speech, fined Cr100.
867-640-916: Prohibited speech, fined Cr25.
888-696-916: Frivolous lawsuit, fined Cr10 and expenses.
393-175-917: Disorderly conduct, fined Cr500, appeals in progress.
344-905-918: Frivolous lawsuit, fined Cr10 and expenses.
775-156-920: Prohibited speech, fined Cr1000, appeals in progress.
Residence: C2/972-6515 in Ramaset on Tukatari.
Notes: Member of Superioriti, labor rights agitator.
Has standing contract for legal representation by Bourse Arbitration.
Receives funding from unknown, possibly off-world, sympathesizers.
Use caution when dealing with this individual due to his litigious inclinations. He has, on at least six occasions, successfully sued security organizations for unlawful arrest, interference in the rights of free assembly, and corporate malfeasance. His funding and capable legal representation make the success of any proceeding against him doubtful, and all cases that have been successfully prosecuted have resulted in little or no punishment. His legal successes, on the other hand, have cost Ramaset Security in excess of KCr75. Contact Ramaset Security Central Administration before serving warrants or otherwise engaging this individual.
Identified by Nathan Khouri as source of anonymous funding for demonstration permits issued to Jobs for All etc. [GK]

See also: Nathan Khouri | Melvin Ostrem | Investigation into the Death of Timothy Mortimer Pinkston

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Timothy Pinkston

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