Organic Cyberface

In 920, a team of Protocol Enforcement agents discovered a Precursor artifact known as The Caretaker, so-called because it had in its care a dozen 30,000 year old Thalls in stasis. They were intended by The Precursors to be released on Quorum once the reformation of that world was complete, but the project was abandoned and the Thalls were never released.

Two Thall Protocol Enforcement team members were taken aboard and gifted with Organic Cyberfaces which only work on Thalls. These do not have electronics nor do they require power sources, but function in many ways like a conventional Cyberface. The functions are:

Communications: Those with The Caretaker’s Organic Cyberface installed can communicate with The Caretaker across a distance of 11-16 kilometers (10+1D). They can communicate with other Organic Cyberfaces across a distance of 6-11 kilometers (5+1D). These communications are not electromagnetic in nature, and cannot be tapped by standard intrusion equipment, nor interfered with by electromagnetic jamming equipment.

Skills: The Organic Cyberface can simultaneously store six skills, but only one can be employed at a time (in any one round). Then physically inside The Caretaker, any six of the following skills can be loaded into the Organic Cyberface, giving the user the equivalent of a Level-1 skill:

  • Language (Relic Thall)
    • language spoken by the 12 Thalls held in the Caretaker’s care
  • Medical (Primitive Medicine)
    • includes skills such as sututing and bandaging wounds, setting broken bones, and relieving pain using only the simplest of materials.
  • Melee Combat (Knife)
  • Melee Combat (Spear)
  • Melee Combat (Shield)
  • Perform (Cooking)
  • Perform (Dance)
  • Perform (Music, Drums)
  • Ranged Combat (Bow)
  • Ranged Combat (Spear)
  • Stealth
  • Survival
    • includes basic hunting and trapping skills, finding shelter, lighting fires, and other basic skills required by primitives living in the wilderness.
  • Technical (Primitive Handicrafts)
    • includes skills used by primitives, including flint knapping, tanning, hand weaving, etc.
  • Tracking
  • Unarmed Combat

Training: A user may use a skill loaded onto the Organic Cyberface as if it was a training chip from a common Cyberface. This may benefit a user who wishes to progress beyond the first level of skill in one of these fields.

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Organic Cyberface

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