Nathan Khouri

// Personnel Record C/N 1D02-643F-F3FB-EFF7
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Name: Nathan Khouri
Aliases: Nat, Gnat
Melvin Ostrem (business associate)
Sidney Khouri (relative, nephew?) [GK]
Jillian Knebel (girlfriend) [GK]
Appearance: 185 cm, weight 78 kg, black skin, frizzy black hair, black eyes.
Personal: Male human, C/N 1D02-643F-F3FB-EFF7. Son of Esmeralda Khouri, C/N 38D4-0442-3AA7-3C5B. Born Ramaset South Reproductive Clinic, C22/51-0974 in Ramaset on Tukatari 032-890. No descendants.
Employment: Ramaset Transmutation Mills, 347/910-253/915.
Waset QuikiClean 102/916-300/916.
Jimmy’s Jiffyscrub, 020/917-108/917.
Travis and Travis Lifterjacks, 315/917-049/918.
Whamburger, C11 Franchise 2, 101/918-033/920.
Labor classification F3.
Legal: 877-633-920: Incitement to Riot, warrant issued.
Reported missing 257-920 by Ramaset Security, current status unknown. Warrant outstanding.
Residence: C11/126-1835 in Ramaset on Tukatari.
Notes: * Known Superioriti member.
* RSC warrant 7847-920 outstanding for role in the Central Plaza Riot.
* Alleged to have called nephew Sidney Khouri to tell him to hide his personal effects, then give apartment to him. Meassage is suspicious — “FROM” field is corrupted. [GK]
Evidence: Found among Nathan Khouri’s possessions:
* Manpower pamphlets, stickers, placards. Quality and quantity is high — too high to have been funded by Nathan Khouri personally. [GK]
* Holochip “Tucatari Geostabilization Project Oversight Records” by Ramaset Geostabilization Services. Program is administered & funded by the combine. Chip contains an overview of 293 sites with hydro pumps connected to pipes along faults. Purpose: to trigger small quakes to keep large quakes from happening. 6 such sites are located within 50Km of Ramaset, none inside. No sites are ever inside cities. [GK]
* Holocube depicting girlfriend Jillian Knebel. [GK]

In addition, Nathan Khouri had paid for his apartment for six months in advance. This is very unusual, especially in “Crazy 11”. [GK]

See also: Sidney Khouri | Jillian Knebel | Melvin Ostrem

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Nathan Khouri

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