Melvin Ostrem

// Personnel Record C/N 3679-81E1-3947-45C0
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Name: Melvin Ishmael Ostrem
Aliases: Fish
Appearance: Height 180 cm, weight 75 kg, tan skin, brown hair, green eyes, tattoo of a green fish on back of right hand.
Personal: Male human, C/N 3679-81E1-3947-45C0. Son of Randall Ostrem, C/N 9C37-11A6-30C2-DB46. Born Ramaset North Reproductive Clinic, C5/37-1162 in Ramaset on Tukatari 032-887. No descendants.
Employment: Ramaset Heavy Fabrication Facility, 099/903–242/918.
Clerk, Marylou’s Minimart C11 Concourse South, 095/919-190/920.
Labor classification F8.
Legal: 406-700-918: Public intoxication, fined 5 days labor.
593-785-918: Refusal to identify, fined 10 days labor.
877-632-920: Incitement to Riot, warrant issued.
Reported missing 257-920 by Ramaset Security, current status unknown. Warrant outstanding.
Residence: C11/126-1811 in Ramaset on Tukatari.
Notes: Known Superioriti member.
RSC warrant 7848-920 outstanding for role in the Central Plaza Riot.

See also: Nathan Khouri

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Melvin Ostrem

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