Investigation into the Death of Timothy Mortimer Pinkston

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Comprehensive Forensic Report 13-258-920


The body of Timothy Mortimer Pinkston was found in a Unity Station materials handling lock on 265/920. Investigation by Unity Security personnel indicates the probable cause of death was willful suicide by exposure to vacuum on 264/920.

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Summary of Initial Response Report

On 265/920.M00.1134, TSY contract clone laborer Adnan Fortis, C/N 739F-628C-6AF8-A8BB, initiated a comlink emergency call from access corridor SAC28-6 of the stationary transfer hub, or Spindle, of Unity Station. Laborer Fortis reported the presence of a body in Materials Handling Lock 28B. Officer Garrison Chakroun, C/N 82F4-97BD-BF45-0A8F, arrived at the scene at M00.22 and initiated chain-of-custody control procedures. Officer Chakroun performed comlink interrogation that revealed the presence of a comlink registered to Timothy Mortimer Pinkston, C/N 1C75-AE52-9CB7-31DA. Optical recognition was not possible due to decompression-induced distortion of the victim’s features. An emergency medical team (EMT) arrived at M00.26 and promptly declared the victim deceased. Officer Chakroun summoned Senior Detective Argentine Mordant vir-Chalis, C/N DA56-F039-F30B-C135, to the scene.

Detective Mordant arrived at the scene with Technical Specialist Hannah Tayeb, C/N E493-15DD-6C47-0B74, and Evidence Specialist Angela Catrell, C/N 18CB-C7A7-2EB4-82AF, at M00.37. Specialist Catrell completed biosampling and microcollection for volatile organic compound (VOC) and biological/micrological/genetic (BMG) analysis. Initial genescan indicated the victim to be a clone of genetic series F447-B443, which was consistent with the comlink identification of the deceased as Timothy Mortimer Pinkston. Detective vir-Chalis retrieved an Cybercom Model A comlink from the victim’s right wrist and released the body to the EMT at M01.16 with orders to transport to Unity General Hospital for autopsy.

Detective Mordant interviewed Laborer Fortis, who reported arriving at the lock at approximately M00.10 to investigate a malfunction in the security monitor inside the chamber. Laborer Fortis stated that he saw that the chamber was depressurized in violation of standard operating procedures. He repressurized the chamber and opened the inner valve. Looking inside, he observed the body of a man in a gray suit lying against the chamber control panel.

Specialist Tayeb checked the security monitor in the chamber of lock 28B and found it to be nonfunctional due to gross impact damage. Retrieval of the monitor’s datalog revealed the entire ten day loop was devoid of data. Further investigation of security monitors in access corridors SAC28-6, SAC28-11, and SAC28-2B, plus the monitor in Materials Lift 3, showed all four monitors were operational. Specialist Tayeb retrieved all four recordings and the operational records from lock 28B for analysis. Specialist Catrell completed VOC/BMG scans of access corridors SAC28-6, SAC28-11, SAC28-2B, and Materials Lift 3.

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Summary of Subsequent Actions

Analysis of the operational records retrieved from lock 28B indicated that the inner valve was opened from the interior control panel at 264/920.A06.3758. The lock was then depressurized from the chamber control panel at A06.3823. No further command sequences were recorded until 265/920.M00.0736, when the chamber was repressurized and the inner valve opened from the interior control panel.

Review of datalogs retrieved from security monitors in access corridors SAC28-6, SAC28-11, and SAC28-2B, plus the monitor in Materials Lift 3, showed an individual optically identified as Timothy Mortimer Pinkston entered Materials Lift 3 from the level 16 interchange at 264/920.A06.33 and manually commanded the lift to pass through the rotating interface and down to level 28. This individual then transited access corridor SAC28-11 to access corridor SAC28-6, arriving at the internal controls to lock 28B at A06.37. This individual activated the controls and entered the lock, after which the inner valve closed. No further personnel movements through corridors SAC28-11, SAC28-6, and SAC28-2B were observed until an individual optically recognized as Laborer Fortis emerged from Materials Lift 3 at 265/920.M00.0420.

VOC/BMG data analysis showed evidence consistent with the passage of a clone of genetic series F447-B443 through Materials Lift 3 and access corridors SAC28-11 and SAC28-6 sometime between 264/920.A00 and 265/920.M00.

Analysis of records in the victim’s comlink placed it inside Materials Lift 3 at 264/920.A06.3307, at which time a restricted access code was transmitted to start the lift. Although visitors to Unity Station are not supposed to possess restricted access codes, they are often illicitly posted on various comsites. Detective Mordant succeeded in obtaining the code for the Spindle Materials Lifts from no less than eleven such sites in under five minutes.

Autopsy results indicate the victim died of ebullism and anoxia consistent with exposure to vacuum during an airlock decompression cycle. No evidence of injuries other than those caused by decompression was found. No evidence of intoxication was found. Total genetic sequence and comparison to material provided by the Ramaset Aphrodite Biosculpt Clinic definitively identified the body as that of Timothy Mortimer Pinkston.

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Upon review of the above information, Detective Mordant concluded that Timothy Pinkston entered Materials Lift 3, descended to level 28, and walked to Materials Handling Lock 28B, arriving at 264/920.A06.37. He entered the lock and committed suicide by depressurizing the lock chamber.

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Investigation into the Death of Timothy Mortimer Pinkston

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