Intelligent Races

Player Character Races

Conglomerate races that can be played by players. Some of these are not true “races”, but are considered such for game purposes. Furries and Clones, for example, are simply modifications of humans, and Drones are manufactured intelligences, making Thalls the only true “race” listed.

  • Clones
  • Drones
  • Furries
  • Humans
  • Thalls

Other Conglomerate Races

Races that qualify as “citizens” (in addition to the Player Character Races) and participate in the Conglomerate economy to some extent.

Other Xenosapient Races

Note: “Sapient” implies intelligence. It may be very unlike humanoid intelligence, so it’s difficult to quantify how much intelligence there is. Some participate in the Conglomerate economy to some extent, but they are not considered to be citizens. Others are “proscribed” or “restricted” and are not allowed to be owned, transported, or to even be in close proximity with citizens due to various dangerous attributes.

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Intelligent Races

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