A Cyberface is an implanted neural interface. It is a neuroelectric device that allows the owner to directly interface their brains with Conglomerate technology. The functions of a Cyberface are:

  • Interfacing with the local comnet to access information or communicate with others
  • Interfacing with remotely-controlled equipment such as
    • Vidscreens
    • Lighting, holopaper and environmental systems
    • Ship and vehicle steering and speed control systems
    • Handheld weapon system aiming and control
    • Other remotely-controlled consumer devices such as lawn mowers, cleaning robots, etc.
  • Interfacing with Skill Chips to provide instant knowledge and experience in a wide range of skills
  • Perceiving Augmented Reality broadcasts and proclaimations
  • Providing full-sensorium interfaces to Cyberspace VR’s, Sensies and Dreamgames
  • Some models of Cyberface can increase the owner’s inteligence


If you want a Cyberface, then you’ll need to visit a special clinic (popularly known as a mod shop) where a medtech drills a couple of holes in your skull and clamps a helmet-like cyber-threader on your head. Over the next week or so, filaments of cyberorganic circuitry grow throughout your brain. While this happens, you not only have to put up with wearing a decidedly uncool helmet, but you also get a constant low-grade headache. Once the process is complete, the cyberthreader informs you that you need to return to the mod shop. There they take it off and install the cranial boxes and chip sockets.


The two major manufacturers of Cyberfaces are Advanced Substrate Technologies (AST) and Dradus Corporation. Between the two of them, they’ve pretty much driven everyone else out of the market.

All Cyberfaces come with a certain minimum number of chip slots. Additional slots, up to the maximum number supported by the Cyberface, can be installed at any time for KCr1.0 each. The maximum number of chips that can run concurrently is also determined by the Cyberface.

Note that a person can only have one Cyberface at a time, and that the first must be removed before another can be installed.

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