Warrantine, Oliver

Father of the Common Economic Protocol


Oliver Warrentine (–130 to –18 CE)


Oliver Warrentine was born on Secundus cirum-Belera the same year that Marissa Gallux completed the first successful jump aboard the starship Childe. At the age of eleven, he stowed away on the Trader ship Wayfarer bound for Margolis. While there, he somehow managed to parlay his small stake into a full trader’s share.

At the age of 27, he became third captain of the legendary Trader ship Firefox. Within the year he had gained the first captain’s seat. His subsequent exploits included reopening the Nebular Corridor in –96, defeating the Algeron Pirates in –90, and negotiating the Treaty of Aquamarine in –77.

To top all this off, in –68 he somehow managed to gain the loyalty of the remaining units of the 12th Consolidation Naval Force trapped in Thule system by closure of its gate 101 years before. Admiral Sarayana Leminyoff and her crews, thawed from a century in stasis, refitted their ships with drives provided by Warrentine and followed him back to Belera. It was none too soon: fleets from Margolis and Serpentine Minor were already en route to seize the shipyards. With Leminyoff’s aid, he defeated the invading fleets and claimed the title of Director Princeps. At a stroke, Oliver Warrentine had become the most powerful man in human space.

He then dispatched an armada of traders to contact every known interstellar power, inviting them all to join a grand conference at Belera to, as he put it, “define the shape of the Age to come.” Most ignored the summons, but 68 interstellar powers, including all seven of the Beleran megacorporations, met on Primus circum-Belera for the fabled First Council in –28. It took ten years, two more councils, and everything Oliver Warrentine had left to give, but on 199/–18, 38 signatories endorsed what would later become known as the Beleran Declaration.

Six days later, his life’s mission accomplished, Oliver Warrentine died of heart failure on Primus circum-Belera.

Warrantine, Oliver

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