Tybalt, Gabriel

Chief Research Officer of AST, Inventor


Tybalt, Gabriel (593CE to Present)


Widely viewed as the father of modern machine intelligence, Gabriel Immanuel Tybalt is Chief Research Officer of Advanced Substrate Technologies. Born to a secretary in the offices of Universal Foods on Morion, young Gabriel soon displayed an uncanny friendship with machines. He reprogrammed the office cleaning bots with individualized pseudo-personalities and rewrote the office com to emulate his sister. Soon he was building little ovoidal machines that floated about him like obedient pets.

Young Tybalt grew frustrated at his inability to construct truly intelligent machines because of their excessive power drain. So he began constructing modified computational substrates in the UF material sciences lab. He based their three-dimensional quasilattices on a tapestry he claimed to have seen his sister weave in a dream. Whatever their source, his new Active Substrates were a millionfold more efficient than the old Spangler standard substrate. Their creation overturned the principle of the least quantum of computation and forced a rewrite of the fifth law of thermodynamics, but the young Tybalt could have cared less — he was busy upgrading his little machine friends with higher-order pseudopersonalities.

When UF tried to seize his inventions for itself, his mother sued the company through Bourse Arbitration (the legal subsidiary of The Bourse), bringing no less a luminary than Tiresias Kartoum to the rescue. With the founding of Advanced Substrate Technologies, machine intelligence researchers flocked to the formerly insignificant world of Morion. Inventions poured forth from AST’s ever-expanding laboratories, culminating in the development of the first fully sentient drone in 715, a machine named Sally that looked deceptively like the little pet robots young Tybalt had built over a century before. Gabriel Tybalt raised Sally from infancy and considered her his daughter, a status that it took twenty years for Protocol Enforcement to accept by amending the Common Economic Protocols’ definition of “citizen.”

At the ceremony conferring citizenship upon Sally Tybalt, Gabriel made his famous boast, that just as he had created a machine worthy of personhood, one day he would construct a machine worthy of godhood. If such an entity is ever born, it will surely emerge from the mind of Gabriel Tybalt through the laboratories of Advanced Substrate Technologies.

Tybalt, Gabriel

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