Conglomerate Player Character Race


Of the 31 known species of hominids, Thalls are the most closely related to humanity. These heavily muscled hominids walk with a slight stooping posture. They have jutting jaws, noses reminiscent of snouts, deep-set eyes beneath heavy brow ridges, and sloping foreheads. Males have protruding canine tusks; females have broad hips and large breasts. Skin tones usually range from olive to yellowish brown; hair and eyes are usually black. Both males and females average 185 cm and 80 kg.

Corporations consider thalls model employees. They’re hard workers who don’t complain. They’re dependable and they have few vices. The only thing limiting their employment is the propensity of displaced human workers to join Human Supremacist groups. Corporations who employ Thalls do their best to segregate them from disgruntled humans. The subsequent lack of interaction leads to grotesque stereotyping. Humans consider Thalls stupid and brutish; Thalls consider humans lazy and effete.


Thalls are hominids and were first encountered in the subarctic wilderness of Heimdall in –355. Their primitive nomadic culture barely qualified as stone age, so they didn’t present much of a threat to humanity despite their muscularity and aggressive disposition. Humans quickly exploited them. For their part, the Thalls actually seemed to enjoy performing exhausting manual labor. Their overseers simply assumed this was a sign of mental inferiority, but xenobiologists eventually discovered that the Thall brain secretes endorphins that make hard work pleasurable.

Thalls are surprisingly like humans; indeed, the two races can even interbreed. The fact that the offspring of such unions are essentially Thalls has led more than one researcher to suggest that thalls are hybrids between humans and some other hypothetical race. These researchers suggest Thalls were bred by The Precursors as manual laborers. Most Thalls take a dim view of this theory despite the fact that their species was subsequently encountered independently on four other worlds. In every case the Thalls possessed only stone-age technology.


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