Small white weasel-like mammal, domesticatable


Silvex are small mammals resembling weasels with silver fur, big liquid eyes, and sharp little teeth. Originally native to Silver Sky, they’ve been adopted as pets on many worlds. They’re generally docile, but if badly frightened, they can deliver a nasty bite. They can also clamp on with their sharp teeth and refuse to let go.

Silvex have a surprising resistance to poison (+6 to all saves) because their natural prey includes venomous snakes. Their favorite toys are usually snake-shaped plush animals that they can chew and shake to death. When purchased in a pet shop, one of these toys is generally included.

Silvex generally attach themselves to a single humanoid owner and are wary of others. They are usually naturally good at tracking and unarmed combat. Without veterinary life prolongation interventions, they naturally live for about 20 years.

The plural of Silvex is still Silvex. In the wild, they live together and travel in groups known as a “Business”.



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