The Precursors

Extinct Ancient Technological Race


Xenoarcheologists postulate that a race of highly advanced xenosapients they call The Precursors once inhabited known space. The Precursors are generally credited for reforming hundreds of worlds and for scattering various races, including humanity, across some of these worlds. They’re also credited with creating many artifacts and leaving behind many enigmatic ruins.

The Precursors seem to have vanished about 30,000 years ago. Most believe they perished in a war because so many of their sites were destroyed by immense explosions. Some think they departed known space after disposing of the things they didn’t need anymore.

Very little is known for certain about The Precursors. Nobody knows their appearance (the picture for this article is an interpretation from a popular holovid), or even if they were a single race. Nobody knows when they appeared, and even the date of their disappearance can’t be fixed with any precision. Data collected from one site invariably conflicts with that collected from another. Sometimes data from one part of a site contradicts data from another part. Most professional xenoarcheologists have learned to speculate as little as possible about The Precursors.


The Precursors

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