Obregon, Michael

CEO of Obregon Bioceuticals, Oldest living human


Obregon, Michael (529CE to present)


Chief Executive Officer of Obregon Bioceuticals and oldest living human, Michael Anthony Obregon was born in Tracept on Persiplex. His mother died in childbirth, his sister the following year, his brother when he was eleven, his father when he was fifteen. A drunken Michael swore that enough was enough. He enrolled in the Persiplex Primary Medical Academy, where he studied nanobiology and gerontology with a single-minded ferocity that stunned his instructors.

He graduated at the age of 19 and promptly appeared in the boardroom of the family corporation, where he summarily demanded to be appointed chief executive officer. The board laughed in his face. He smiled as he began producing injunctions for the arrest of the former CEO and half the board for financial mismanagement. Michael repeated his demand to the shocked survivors and emerged as CEO. Within five minutes he had hired the entire PPMA nanobiological faculty. When asked about funding for the new staff, he nonchalantly produced a chip holding five hundred megacredits — triple the annual profits of his entire corporation. Where he got it, he never said.

When his researchers produced paying products — wound sprays and restructor nanoids among them — he used the profits to double and redouble their research efforts, which mockers were already calling “the war on death.” If it was a war, then Death yielded ground only reluctantly; but under assault from all sides by armies of millions, yield he would. On his two hundredth birthday, Michael toasted his adversary with the words, “Death, you are undone.”

Obregon, Michael

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