Leminyoff, Saranya

Last Admiral of the Consolidation and first Admiral of the UDF


Saranya Leminyoff (-218 to 17CE)

  • The last Admiral of The Consolidation
  • The first Admiral of the Urban Defense Forces.
  • Penned most of the regulations that guide the UDF
  • Although Leminyoff won relatively few battles, she is still considered the single most influential military officer in history.


Sarayana Leminyoff was born in Numeira on Purgatory. She enlisted in The Consolidation Navy at the age of 18. She was subsequently a lieutenant aboard a Damsel-class corvette during a training exercise when another ship accidentally launched live ordinance that destroyed the bridge and killed the entire command crew. Leminyoff took command and successfully navigated the wreck to safety.

Promoted to Commander, she spent the next 13 years at the helm of the Prestige, a Rammler-class destroyer on convoy duty along the Heimdall Axis. It was in Heimdall system in –174 that Leminyoff opposed forces of the Fifth Crusade under the command of Usson Syndol. Covering the retreat of a civilian convoy, she destroyed two enemy corvettes and disabled a destroyer before exiting the gate. This incident earned Leminyoff her captaincy and the undying hatred of Usson Syndol.

Five years and an Admiralty later, Leminyoff ordered the retreat of surviving elements of the 12th fleet to Thule system. She lanced the gate and thereby trapped Syndol and his pursuing fleet in transit space, but her forces were now trapped in Thule system. She and her crews committed themselves to stasis, only to awaken 101 years later when Oliver Warrantine arrived with a load of jump drive components. He offered these in return for Leminyoff ’s allegiance. She declined, insisting that as the last surviving flag officer of The Consolidation, her duty was to protect all of the surviving worlds of that polity. Warrantine reluctantly agreed and Leminyoff ’s forces accompanied him back to Belera, where they quickly defeated rival naval units from Margolis and Serpentine Minor.

Leminyoff attended all three Beleran Conferences. At the third, she signed the Common Defense Treaty which created an independent military entity under the authority of the Common Economic Protocol. Leminyoff personally penned the orders that form the majority of the Urban Defense Forces’ Operational Basis.

Leminyoff, Saranya

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