Kartoum, Tiresias

Principal Director of The Bourse


Kartoum, Tiresias (544CE to present)

  • Principal Director of The Bourse
  • Inventor of the theory of General Sociodynamics
  • Writer of The End of History, predicting the collapse of civilization
  • Wealthiest man in known space


Principal Director of The Bourse, and wealthiest man in known space, Tiresias Andromachus Kartoum was born in Usur on Memphis. His mother Aniya, who worked as a statistician for the local offices of Transtar, encouraged young Kartoum’s interest in mathematics. He did so with gusto, but not quite as his mother had wished: he began a bookie service and used the profits to buy entry into the prestigious Central University of Memphis at the age of thirteen.

Three years later, he made up for his youthful indiscretion by publishing his first major academic paper, “The Application of Affine Operators to the Convergence Problem.” This paper earned him an all-expenses-paid scholarship to the University of circum-Belera. There, at the age of 16, he met Emily Morqus, an 82-year-old associate professor of Apocalyptic Studies. Their torrid romance so scandalized the Regents that they expelled young Kartoum and fired Morqus.

He somehow retained access to the university’s computational facilities, and with their aid completed his theory of General Sociodynamics in early 562. He promptly applied the unpublished theory to stock market speculation. Within the year he had amassed not only an awe-inspiring fortune of sixty gigacredits, but also full ownership of the University of circum-Belera. Showing his usual combination of flair and tactlessness, he fired the Board of Regents and installed a bemused Emily Morqus in their place.

When Protocol Enforcement inquired into his stock market manipulations hoping to find some illegality, he offered the astonished agency something they couldn’t refuse — a set of algorithms that would prevent any market manipulation similar to the one he had just completed. All he asked in return was directorship over the corporation that would administer the algorithms. Protocol Enforcement reluctantly agreed, providing that they oversaw Kartoum’s operations. Thus The Bourse was born.

Kartoum’s subsequent actions continued to confound observers. He led The Bourse into the nearly profitless field of corporate mediation, sunk gigacredits into Michael Obregon’s quixotic battle against death, and defiantly championed machine rights against howling hordes of Humanists. His true aims only became clear with the publication in 803 of his magnum opus, The End of History, which used General Sociodynamics to predict the cyclic collapse of civilization and the means to prevent it. Few men in history have been as audacious as Tiresias Kartoum, but perhaps only such a man could envision an end to history itself.

Kartoum, Tiresias

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