Sapient gas giant dwellers


These mysterious xenosapients reside in the atmospheres of certain gas giants at pressure levels of 3–30 bars. Resembling gigantic hot-air balloons, these creatures feed off smaller flying and floating lifeforms. They are sapient, but their psychology is alien to human norms and communications are notoriously difficult. They trade in a limited way with The Conglomerate, exchanging exotic organic polymers for metals that are rare in their gaseous environments. Their organic technologies are highly sophisticated but equally alien.

Illix were either placed on their worlds by outside influences such as The Precursors or have somehow figured out a way to traverse interstellar space with technologies beyond The Conglomerate. It is not even known if Illix refers to a single species or a civilization of distinct species.

All known Illix worlds are marked on astrographic charts so that ships can avoid ramscoop refueling operations that might disturb them. They do not like to be disturbed, and have been known to attack ships that enter their environment without clearance.



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