Small canines, wild or can be domesticated as pets


Coyle are small wolves, or perhaps large coyotes, native to the subarctic regions of Heimdall. Thalls claim to have domesticated them, but the truth is, Coyles invited themselves into Thalls camps to get free snacks and affection. It’s possible to obtain a Coyle as a companion by simply paying attention to one of the animals. If the Coyle is agreeable, it attaches itself to its new-found friend and accompanies him or her everywhere they go. So you don’t really buy a Coyle so much as you visit a pet shop and convince one to follow you home.

Coyle are infernally clever. Tales of them stealing comlinks and buying toys for themselves are probably just legends. Probably. They are usually naturally good at tracking and unarmed combat and have a nasty bite when aggravated. Without veterinary life prolongation interventions, they naturally live for about 25 years.



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