Black, Simon

The Great Prophet


Black, Simon (–202 to –168CE?)

Supposed architect of The Apocalypse that destroyed the birthplace of humans and spread chaos and destruction throughout the known galaxy.


Better known as The Great Prophet, Simon Thaddeus Black is perhaps the single most reviled figure in all of human history. Conventional wisdom blames him for the deaths of fifty billion people, the collapse of civilization, and the Rape of Eden.

The truth is much more nuanced. Simon Black was a technician third class in Aktar on Eden. He allegedly converted to the Panedenist faith following a personal revelation from the Omnicreator. Black began preaching that the fabled Apocalypse Bell had rung, signaling the beginning of the End Times. Humanity must return to the Panedenist faith or be destroyed.

Consolidation security services attempted to arrest him following an outdoor sermon in Bakalor on 164/–178. All they achieved was the death of six of Black’s followers. He subsequently managed to commandeer planetary com systems and broadcast his famous Sermon of the Six Martyrs. Inept efforts to suppress the unrest that followed ultimately led to a planetary-scale insurrection. Meanwhile, Black escaped from Eden aboard a bulk transport crammed with his fanatical followers. He led the Descent of the Ten Thousand on Purgatory and was at the helm of Godshammer, the flagship of the Third Crusade.

After this point, his actions become increasingly difficult to trace. His disciples, including Usson Syndol and Zebediah Wellington, began to act in his name with increasing boldness. These men, far more than Simon Black, deserve the opprobrium of history for bringing down The Apocalypse upon mankind. Indeed, The Black Gospel claims that Simon Black repented and made a pilgrimage to Sheol where he ascended into heaven to entreat of the Omnicreator an end to The Apocalypse. Others claimed that he died at the head of the abortive Eleventh Crusade, or (like the heretical Gospel of Saint Almathea) that he died of quanal poisoning on Tibaul. The truth does not really matter. For as Isaac Rabden said, “Simon had become a legend before ceasing to be a man; the legend devoured the man.”

Black, Simon

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