Belconte, Umberto

Chaiman of the Board, Protocol Enforcement


Belconte, Umberto (825CE to Present)


At just shy of 100 years old, Umberto Belconte is one of the youngest men to become Chairman of the Board of Protocol Enforcement. His background is something of a mystery, having been suddenly promoted in 912 to Vice President of Urban Relations at Beleran Heavy Industries from being a mid-level executive in the Autochef Division when an unfortunate cyberface failure left the previous VP unable to continue in his position.

Belconte started his tenure as Protocol Enforcement Chairman with great gusto, shaking up the ranks with hirings and firings of several Board members and some high-level directors of Protocol Enforcement departments, including Justice, Immigration and Extraordinary Affairs. Some whispered that he was giving higher representation to leaders of Syndicates, though no evidence of this has ever been uncovered.

After this initial shake-up, however, Belconte has been a very hands-off Chairman, preferring instead to pursue his interest in carnal delights with women, men, aliens and drone avatars, attending posh socialite parties on Persiplex, and being interviewed by mockers. Most inside Protocol Enforcement and the UDF consider him to be harmless at worst, and they appreciate the ability to run their organizations without interference. Beleran Heavy Industries seems less impressed with his performance, but also seem unwilling to replace him.

If the allegations that Protocol Enforcement is being influenced by Syndicates has any merit at all, the effect seems to be minimal. The other Board members continue to make a mixture of reasonable and terrible decisions (though which is which depends on who you are), and the new PE Department heads appear to be doing their jobs adequately. If the Syndicates are involved, they appear to be behaving themselves … better, perhaps, than Belconte.

Belconte, Umberto

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